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About Me

Welcome! I'm Lexie: so nice to meet you, and so glad you're taking a moment to check out the blog.


I'm wife to Brock. and Mama to Ruby. I'm a sister, friend, daughter, educator, health enthusiast, baker, reader, learner, and my heart belongs out there. Somewhere. 


Brock and I are both from central MD, but ended up in Seattle together in 2011, with his military career. We immediately fell in love with the climate and culture, and felt a deep sense of belonging. It was home. We spent 4 years exploring and loving the Pacific Northwest, and by far, one of our favorite places was Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park... hence the name of our daughter. 


Currently we are living in Northern Virginia, and will be here for the next two years, until 2019. We miss home, but our recent purchase of the camper is allowing us to finally explore and travel again: this time with our daughter. Follow along our adventures, and be inspired to go explore with your family! 


Comments, suggestions and feedback always welcome! 

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