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Primal Pit Paste

Seriously... a blog post about deodorant?!? YES. Because if you've met me and spent any amount of time around me, you know that I STINK. It was pretty bad pre-pregancy, but got significantly worse post partum, especially with breast feeding. It was like I took a shower, scrubbed my arm pits raw, and then 20 minutes later could start to smell myself. I'm talking body oder comparable to a teen boy post sport practice, but not just one teen boy, my pits typically smelled like the whole locker room full of them. I've tried EVERYTHING, except a prescription from my doctor, and that was my next step, for real. I tried most brands of deodorants and antiperspirants, and even going with nothing on. Nada. Stink prevailed. I tried making my own with coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and essential oils, and that was marginally better, but still: stink prevailed. It was frustrating, and embarrassing. I saw an ad on Instagram for Primal Pit Paste: an all natural deodorant that fought the stink. OK, yeah right.... but then I was intrigued. And I read reviews. And I signed up for a coupon, and then all of the sudden, I found myself ordering a few of their mini jars to try out. These quarter ounce jars arrived a few days later, a bit melty, but with super cute little popsicle sticks to stir it up.

I ordered unscented, lavender, and lemongrass thyme, because those were the scents they made in the "strong" category, and lets face it, I needed the strongest out there. AND IT WORKED. I DIDN'T STINK ANYMORE. Seriously. I put a tiny dab on at night after I shower, and a tiny dab on in the morning to start my day, and I GO ALL DAY WITH NO STINK. I was in shock.

I felt all the excitement... it was like a billion exclamation marks every time I applied it. So it got me wondering: how well does it really work? Lets face it: if it stops me from stinking, it REALLY WORKS, but I was curious... so I skipped a shower. AND NO STINK. And then we went a week or so with no air conditioning at home...AND NO STINK. And then we went on road trips, where a shower happened every 3rd or 4th day...AND NO STINK. Needless to say, I'm going to buy stock in this company. I ordered two full size strong lavender jars, because they don't make the strong in a stick, and there are only three types of strong, and I liked lavender the best. I think I will order the lemongrass thyme for Brock next time I place an order, as a stick. I've also tried coconut lime, and while I loved the scent, it was in the regular strength, so it for sure didn't work quite as well. My only complaint: I would love more scents in the strong. It does baffle me that they use the SAME ingredients I used to use in homemade deodorants... somehow I just didn't get my recipe right, or use strong enough baking soda. Oh well... often they offer free shipping, and I get emails once a week or so about a promotion, and its one less thing I have to do at home. I never had any discomfort from using this, but baking soda can be uncomfortable on sensitive areas (I tried straight baking soda on my pits for a while... made me raw, and still stunk) so keep that in mind if ordering. Also, they have other body products, but I've never tried any of them (yet).

Ruby is so excited that her Mama doesn't stink anymore... she wants to try it!

Side note: Primal Pit Paste has given me nothing to write and publish this review of their product. I'm a completely independent third party, who just loves a good, natural deodorant. Cheers to being stink free!

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