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That is the number of times Ruby asked to go to Mimi's house last Friday. No joke. Five thousand, two hundred and forty eight. She must have asked every few seconds, because all I kept saying was "Not yet...".

Wow, she sure loves her Mimi.

And her Podge too.

So, eventually... we went to spend the night at Mimi's house on Friday, and then on Saturday, had the most fun day ever! Mimi and Podge took us to the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore City to spend some time with Thomas the Train!!! Ruby LOVES Thomas, although I have to clarify... she rarely watches him on TV (she rarely watches TV) and mostly knows him from books, and toys.

We got to see all the cool trains at the museum.

We got to see a REAL, LIFE SIZE THOMAS.


We got to hear him go "Peep Peep," like all the Really Useful Engines do.

We got to spend some precious time with Mimi and Podge, who cleared their schedule for us, even though they have 8 million crazy things going on in their life.

It was a perfect time. Thanks to the best Mimi and Podge, and we can't wait to see you again! Leaving the museum, Ruby almost broke Mimi's heart... she said "Now go back to Mimi's house?"

Soon kid, soon. And when we do, this is how she'll feel.

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