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I have an idea...

...let's go on a "papa boat"! And then camping at the beach!

Lately, Ruby always says "Hey, I have an idea..." and usually it is something or other about going on a trip somewhere... I suspect she got that from a book we read, and perhaps her mama says it occasionally... "Hey Ruby, I have an idea: eat your lunch. Hey Ruby, I have an idea: clean up your toys."

Anyway... Ruby got to ride on a US Coast Guard Cutter last week! We were invited on the USCGC James Rankin out of Baltimore, MD to watch the ceremonial placement of the Francis Scott Key Buoy in the harbor, near where he wrote the Star Spangled Banner.

**Every boat is a "papa boat"... even non Coast Guard boats!**

She got to explore the boat a bit, feel the wind in her hair, and watch the crane lift up the buoy and place it in the water. She LOVED it!

Then we headed down to Solomon's Island, and camped at the navy campground. Weather was fine for Friday June 8, but was calling for thunderstorms and rain on Saturday. Fingers crossed that it would change, we got there around 3pm, with just enough time to enjoy the beach before a yummy dinner of shrimp boil packets and ice-cream dessert from the camp store.

Thunderstorms were still forecasted for Saturday afternoon, so after a bit of playground time Saturday morning, we packed up and headed back home a day early. Bummer, but we were able to get home before nap time, and Ruby got some rest in her own bed. Plus, the camper had time to dry out before the thunderstorms hit us in Northern VA, and since they're calling for rain the next few days, Brock was pretty happy about that.

The campground was pretty awesome, for a $36/night fee: three playgrounds, three pools, multiple beach areas, tennis courts, basketball courts, gym center, and water/electric hookups. We plan to head back when the weather cooperates a bit more (if that ever happens... it has been the RAINIEST spring ever!).

Stay tuned... this was a wonderful, albeit short, adventure, but Ruby and I leave tomorrow for our own girls only adventure!

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