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When you can't find the sunshine...

...Be the sunshine! Or escape to the Florida Keys to find it... almost guaranteed sunshine!

Ruby darling, I apologize for the tardiness of this blog post... I *should* have written it almost a month ago, when we returned from our week in the Florida Keys. Catching up with work, being a wife and mama, worrying through the end of the government shutdown and life in general got in my way, but I'm finally getting these memories recorded.

We almost didn't go. With Papa not getting paid, travel was an extra expense that we should have avoided. Sure, we purchased the plane tickets months ago, and the rental car and airport parking was paid for, but gas, food, and other minor travel expenses can add up, and we should have stayed home.

But... it might be your last chance to have this memory with Nanee and Hop. If we end up getting our official orders as planned, we'll be too far away to make the trip next year, and with Papa having a new job, he will have less flexibility with his schedule. So in order for you to have the time with Nan and Hop, we went regardless of the financial stress.

And we had a lovely, sunny, warm week. You swam every day.

You got to ride on Mr. Jeff's boat, where Hop and Papa go fishing. Maybe one day you'll get to go fishing with them, because I know you wanted to!

Nanee took us to a special morning adventure to see the dolphins. What a neat experience!

We ventured down to Key West and saw the butterflies, flamingo...

...rode the conch train, and tried to see the sunset at Mallory Square, but it was cloudy.

We got icecream...

...We played on the beach. We relaxed....

...We saw the southernmost point.

You had a special breakfast date with Nan and Hop. You got extra hugs, love and time with them, and you soaked up every second of it.

We saw a real sunset in Key Colony... and you were much more interested in throwing rocks into the water. Not surprising!

We hope Nanee and Hop enjoyed you as much as you enjoyed them.... we are so happy to have given you the chance to make those memories! Much thanks to them for a great week!

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