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A Whole Year MORE...

Ruby! Beautiful, smart, curious THREE YEAR old Ruby! My how time has flown... doesn't every parent say that? They should, because it does. We blinked, and now, you're three! You've been three for 14 whole days, and I finally have a chance to record how we celebrated you.

We started celebrations with a party thrown by Mimi and Podge... a fantastic little party with ponies! In Mt. Airy, MD, we spent time with those who love you best, and some cute little ponies that you absolutely LOVED riding. We had pizza, cupcakes and cake, snacks, and of course, presents. Mimi, Podge, Auntie Gabby, Grammie Roe, Grandpa David, Nanee, Hop, Aunt Sonia, Uncle Casey, Cam, Kenzie, Haley (and family) were all there... and Auntie Belle and Vinnie were even there from WI! How cool! We so appreciate the party, and the time with family and friends to help celebrate you. Everyone gave you beautiful gifts, but your favorite this year are the plane from Grammie and Grandpa, the arts and crafts from Mimi, and the small nesting doll elephants from Mama and Papa.

Mimi loves horses, and was excited to share this with you. She can't wait to ride with you one day!

Opening presents with Grandpa David.... how special (and quite fun!).

Aunt Sonia, Uncle Casey, and cousins came dressed in style!

Photo with the two ponies. You were one of only 3 kids that wanted to ride, so you got to ride a LOT! You did great, and loved it!

Cupcakes with your best little friend, Haley.

Cake and candles!

Nanee also came in style!

Joy. You felt so proud, brave, and big riding these ponies. We were so so happy to see such a big smile!

How lucky that we got to have these special people at your 3rd party? They love you so much!!

Auntie Belle and Vinnie, all the way from WI!

Pre bday hugs with Auntie Gabby... you chose your own party dress this year!

And of course, a shot with Mimi and Podge...the party throwers, and some of the best grandparents EVER!

On your actual birthday, we had cupcakes for breakfast...

Haley came to do some new arts and crafts and play...

and then we went on a lunch date!

After naps, we walked to Ms. Ariane's house and played with Lou, and then ate a delicious home cooked dinner with them, complete with a homemade lava cake, special for you.

And to celebrate your third year, Mama treated you and Haley to mani/pedis. What a great time!

What a WONDERFUL year.... full of growth, love, adventure...we can't wait to see what the next year holds for you!

WE LOVE YOU RUBY! Happy 3rd Birthday!

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