Advice To My Daughter...Post 4

Always keep learning.

Thats it! Advice number 4, dear Ruby, do not ever stop learning and growing and changing.


Advice 1 (Jan) Be Kind

Advice 2 (Feb) Practice Self Love

Advice 3 (March) Work Hard, Play Hard.

Advice 4 (April) Always Keep Learning.

Learn from trying new things. Learn about your body, what it is capable of, what fuel makes it work well, and learn to take good care of your body. Learn new physical activities, and know that with enough practice, you will succeed.

Learn from experimenting. Cook and bake good food, and if it isn't, learn from your mistakes in the kitchen. Try new recipes, and share the food with loved ones. But be in the kitchen, because it is a good place to learn, nurture yourself, and grow.

Learn from the arts...every type of art. Painting, coloring, chalk...woodworking, sewing, fixing things... it is all a form of art, and is vital to self growth, expression, and exploration.

Learn traditionally... from teachers, from mentors. Learning from another human brings an added value to the experience. You already question everything, and we encourage you to continue to do so.

Learn from technology. Be wary, as it can be overwhelming, addicting, inaccurate..but is part of our world, and you need to know how to navigate it successfully.

Learn from books. My favorite way to learn... they'll never change their story, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Books sometimes seem a dying breed, but don't discount them. We visit the library every 7-10 days, and you love it... you love books. Don't ever lose that love, because there is so much to learn from books.

Learn perseverance. Learn to question everything. Learn what interests you. Learn to overcome fear. Learn to accept change, and that change is good. Learn to follow your dreams. And my darling? Never stop.

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