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Advice to my Daughter... Post 7

Oh Ruby! Welcome to California! We made it, after what feels like a YEAR of prep work... move work... paper work... road tripping... camping... ice cream (LOTS OF COFFEE)... water slides... mountain lake bath tubs...tacos... movie nights... hail storms... buffalo...and lots of Cinderella, Ariel, and Pocahontas songs.

WHAT A SUMMER. Like seriously. And here I am, 7/31, the last few hours of the day (PST), writing my monthly blog post.

My monthly advice to you.

I can't even remember the previous 6 pieces of advice. I legit had to go back and re-read my posts (cry... look how young you were! Just 8 weeks ago!)

So, my very necessary recap, for my exhausted self:

Be kind. Practice self love. Work hard and play hard. Always keep learning. Don't be so adult. Know when to walk away.

Drumroll... big number 7.... that I've had two months to think about....

Never stop exploring

First honest truth: Papa and I LOVE exploring. New places. New cultures. New food. We get the itch: the travel itch, to leave wherever we live, and go find something new and different. At this point, as you read this, you're rolling your eyes and saying "duh."

Second honest truth: Papa and I worry we'll travel you to death. We worry that you'll be sick of this wandering we love, and you'll end up stuck in the same place forever.

Mildly dramatic? Yes. I have a tendency for theatrics. But really... we worry we'll wear you out, and you'll be stationary.

Staying in the same place forever is easy. Traveling is HARD. Being surrounded by the same life you're used to, day in and day out, makes one complacent. Traveling pushes the NEW on you, and opens your mind. Makes you think. Makes you make decisions. Makes you learn. Makes you strong. Makes you independent.

Traveling is expensive. I get that. But revisit April's advice, and think twice about working forever and never having new experiences....

Visit the beach. Be in the mountains. Explore new cities. Do it once a year, or once a month. But darling Ruby... never stop.

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page." ~Saint Augustine

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