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How We Travel: A Four Wheel Camper!

Before we created life, we used to travel around in our 2008 Toyota Tacoma, sleeping in the bed of the truck.  Don't get me wrong: it was easier than a tent and cheaper than hotel rooms, but you couldn't sit up in bed, and there was no cooking or getting dressed or washed inside. Here is our home away from home when we started our adventure life together: 2011-2015.





It was great, and we have 4 years of amazing memories and incredible trips all over the country. Those trips... maybe I can share during winter, when we take a break? Anyway...

We had a kid. Became a party of 3. And now the bed of a truck just wouldn't do. So... we saved all the $$$$ for a LONG time, had a loan from my wonderful father-in-law, and bought a Four Wheel Camper. Thanks Hop for helping the dream come true... and don't worry: we paid him back! and

I fondly call our camper "The Toaster" because he just pops right up, and bam: we have three sleeping spaces, a sink, fridge, stove, furnace, fan, and windows. While we did have the fridge before, (B wired it up: questions? Email me or comment, and he will respond!), the camper feels like we were traveling around in a tiny home. We also had SO. MUCH. SPACE. To sit. To eat. To sleep. To put clothes and goods. All inside, mosquito free.


Here is a photo of the Toaster.... but more will come in future travel blog posts (see Cuyahoga National Park/Niagara Falls Trip, and OBX Trip). Yes: our child climbed on the picnic table. There is nothing she won't climb.

We did buy our camper used, but it is in great shape. We make sure to air it out after each trip, and B made covers for the cushions, so when they get dirty, it is easier to wash. We bought a solar panel, and switched out the fridge it came with for our old one: our old one is significantly more efficient. B installed a foot pump for washing, modified some of the storage, put up more storage, and basically put velcro on everything. One day for sure (in the winter) I will encourage him to do a guest post on the blog, to really tell you all he did to make the Toaster more awesome. It is seriously the best investment we've made. Get ready world: Ruby D is headed for adventure.

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